Unbonded PT Slabs – An Economic and Reliable Option for the Construction Industry

Unbonded PT slabs have been used in the construction industry for many years now. They have always been a viable option for the construction industry and have been used to build a variety of structures. The evolution of this industry and the rapid development in construction technology has meant that the reliability of these concrete slabs has kept improving over the years. Where earlier there was a perceptible reluctance to use these slabs, today such slabs have become the first option of contractors, and consultants who are in the construction industry.Less Costly to Construct
Unbonded PT slabs can be constructed affordably as compared to their RR counterparts. Some years ago, the economic recession hit the construction industry and spending was down, but the construction industry is getting out of the morass of recession and spending is going up slowly and steadily. But this necessarily doesn’t mean that the various stakeholders in the construction industry don’t want to cut down on their costs. This is where the affordable nature of the unbonded PT slab design comes into save the day. It offers just one of the many ways that they can save money on their constructions costs, yet build a solid and reliable structure.Better Reliability
The unbonded PT slab is a product of a single strand system wherein a rust inhibiting grease is used to coat the strand and it is then taken through a process of extrusion to seamlessly sheath it in plastic. This improves its reliability and also its durability. With more and more research being conducted on the reliability standards of unbonded PT slabs, and the fact that these slabs are coming across as very reliable in each of these studies has given the construction industry the required confidence to use these slabs.Light and Flexible
The small sized diameter of its unbonded tendon makes unbonded PT slabs light and flexible. This is also the reason why unbonded PT slab designs are able to maximize the use of the entire depth of a concrete slab. Contractors make it a point to use these slabs in slabs-on-grade, raft footings, structural footings, tilt-up walls and circular fluid tanks.Choose but Not before you Make a Cost Comparison
Everything in the construction industry in terms of the choices that you make is based on the pricing of the items that you are going to use. If you think that the pricing structure of the unbonded PT slabs suits your pockets, go ahead and use it, but on the other hand if you think that its bonded PT slabs that suit your fancy in terms of their pricing go ahead and choose them.But whatever the choice that you make, it’s important that you make an informed decision regarding the same. Don’t go for unbonded PT slab design just because others are asking you to use them. Do your own bit of research, ask around, analyze the data you find and only then decide whether you want to use them or not.